On Earth As It Is In Heaven

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

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The world wants us to believe that Jesus operated in poverty and lack while on earth. They’ve spun this well-crafted lie for so many centuries that now even believers key into this gross misconception. Throughout His days on earth, Jesus was able to meet needs even before they became visible to those around him. 

Wealth is an ability to obtain that which is immediately required. God does not measure spirituality or commitment by poverty, rather, He expects us to live in prosperity and wealth, because he has made it possible. The goal of this 4 Part series is to reposition you for the prosperity He has laid in store for you. 

All authority has been given to Jesus, both in heaven and on earth. Wealth has never been a concept Jesus operates in because He is above it. Jesus truly mastered wealth and as his representatives, He expects us to do the same. You’ll come to learn through this series that Jesus has an endless supply of wealth but, having a knowledge of it is not enough, as God expects us to key into that covenant of wealth!