Anger of Satan

Anger of Satan

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You are the reason Satan transitioned from being Lucifer (an Archangel of glory) into the Devil, History’s most vile celestial villain. 

His hatred for mankind has led him on a strategic rage filled agenda to destroy mankind as the ultimate vengeance toward God for creating mankind. 

This Series will give you a great understanding of how valuable you are and also the strategy of the Devil to remove from us the understanding of the “COMPLETE GOSPEL”. Joseph teaches if the devil cannot stop you from becoming a believer it is his desire to stop you from receiving all the benefits to your salvation. You will learn that the Gospel we have all heard preached is correct but it is not complete until it is working through you. 

In this 5 Part series, Joseph Z unpacks what it is to walk in the “complete gospel”. He exposes deep truths, by taking us on an amazing journey concerning many foundational issues.

In this series, you will not only learn about satan and his origin. You’ll uncover the answers to some of the questions you’ve always had, but never asked and begin a journey of victory, Sonship and taking your dominion as a free moral agent over the powers of darkness.