Breaking Out of Babylon

Breaking Out of Babylon

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There is a global awakening taking place now, heralded by the rise of the red church, but first, God needs us to break out of Babylon. The reference is not just to the ancient kingdom of Babylon, but rather, to a system of belief that places emphasis on the arm of flesh. Babylon to Christians today, represents an Anti-Christ system that tries to run the economy, healthcare and the society at large. 

In this explosive series by Joseph Z, we begin to understand how we can break off the shackles of sin and the devil. A lot of us do not believe there’s a purpose to our lives, instead, we see ourselves as ‘misfits’. God wants us to know through this revelatory teaching, that we have been destined for great works, if we recognize and use our gifts. 

Babylon is a counterfeit of God’s order and it becomes imperative that the army of God (The Red Church), leads the way for the world to break out of the babylonian system we now find ourselves in. After listening to this teaching, you’ll begin to feel fresh anointing flowing through you, for strength, victory, multiplication and increase.