School of the Prophets

School of the Prophets

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Prophecy is a tremendous gift manifested by the Holy Spirit functioning under the New Covenant and given to the Body of Christ. A gift because of what it contains for the recipient. When properly engaged, the gift of prophecy offers an experience with God’s Voice, manifesting-love, clarity, prediction, and even warning. The Spirit of prophecy was the catalyst of inspiration that the Holy Spirit utilized to bring forth the written Word of God.

Prophecy reveals secrets of the heart, breaks chains, brings edification and encouragement. The uniqueness of this tremendous gift is worth exploring. Through encounters with the many aspects of the prophetic, countless individuals have been forever impacted by the voice of God that may not have been without this tremendous resource made available by Jesus.

For all the blessings and controversy surrounding the prophetic, it is indeed one of God’s greatest spiritual gifts to His people, for, through it, he shows the loving magnificence of His voice both to those who are far away and for His children. There are many things to learn about prophecy. This teaching was put together as a tool for the journey. Biblical Prophetic ministry by the unction of the Holy Spirit is something God has always wanted His church to experience.  As the listener will learn through this course, the ultimate purpose of prophecy is to bring glory to Jesus! 

May the revelatory power of the Holy Spirit open the eyes of your understanding through the information provided in this course. 

 Joseph Z


20+ Hours of Teaching, 39 Instructional Videos (USB or DVD), and 300+ page Study Guide (Physical Copy or PDF) with Z Ministries Stylus Pen  Online Course also available.


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