School of the Prophets (PreOrder June 2021 Release)

School of the Prophets (PreOrder June 2021 Release)

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Prophecy is a tremendous gift, manifested by the Holy Spirit, functioning under the New Covenant and given to the Body of Christ . A gift because of what it contains for the recipient. When properly engaged, the gift is an experience with God’s Voice, manifesting love, clarity prediction and even warning. Prophecy was the catalyst of inspiration which the Holy Spirit utilized to bring forth the written Word of God. Prophecy will cause the Word of God to come alive in a revelatory manner and it is a tool that has brought great value to many. Through clear training and understanding, the prophetic should always lead to its ultimate purpose, to bring glory to Jesus!

 Prophecy testifies of God’s great care for you. It is His voice appearing in your journey. Prophecy predicts the future and speaks to the heart. It reveals secrets and breaks chains, brings encouragement and edification. It is to be desired more than the other spiritual gifts and is capable of revealing the secrets of a heart. The uniqueness of this tremendous gift is worth exploring. Through encounters with the prophetic there are countless individuals forever impacted by the voice of God that would not have been reached had they not had an encounter with this tremendous resource made available by Jesus upon His ascension.

 For all the blessings and controversy surrounding the prophetic, it is indeed one of God’s greatest gifts to His people. For through it, the magnificence of His voice and love for His children is shown.

 Since before the age of nine I have had tremendous encounters in the prophetic spectrum. In my very young years there was no training within my reach to help me walk through my experiences. This led to a path of discovery with the Word of God and for decades of training people around the world at our Schools of the Prophets. The prophetic has made a lifelong impact on me and that is why it was my desire to assemble this first manual.

 This manual is a collection of teachings specifically written to help you initiate a better understanding of the prophetic and give you tools to set you on the path to mastering the experiences in your prophetic journey.

 I want to dedicate this manual to Jesus. Without You Lord these gifts and what they offer are meaningless. You are the one and only reason for it all.

 Revelation 19:10 “...The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy.”

 For you Lord,

 Joseph Z


20+ Hours of Teaching, 39 Instructional Videos(USB or DVD), and 270+ page Study Guide with Z Ministries Stylus Pen

**Not available at this time in boxed kit**