Origins of the Bible

Origins of the Bible

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There is a culture war happening since the time of Jesus! This war is over whether you believe the Bible is the Word of God or not....Many believers do not know why they believe in the Bible. They cannot tell you where it came from and why it is the greatest written document anywhere!

Through this 6 part series, Joseph Z takes you on a journey detailing where the Bible actually came from, how it was compiled, how to know if it's trustworthy, who wrote it, and so much more!  The goal of this series is to answer some of the criticisms to the origins of the Bible and why you can put your complete faith in this written book we know as the Word of God!

You will get good understanding on which modern translations are good, and which are more questionable, based on their source material and who translated them. This series is a MUST HAVE for any serious student of the Word of God!