Demystifying the Prophetic Study Manual

Demystifying the Prophetic Study Manual

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Learn to Discern So You Won't Be Deceived!

Never before has culture had a greater need for clear, prophetic insight, while never before has so much prophetic error and controversy swirled around us to discredit legitimate prophetic voices. Now, more than ever, true biblical prophecy must take its place at the forefront.

Joseph Z―an international prophetic voice―began encountering the voice of God from a young age through visions and dreams. With wisdom, accuracy, biblical balance, and experience, Joseph offers powerful keys to help you unlock the revelation, interpretation, and application of prophecy.

In Demystifying the Prophetic, Joseph Z will teach you how to:

  • Identify real and false prophets

  • Activate a clear-minded prophetic lifestyle

  • Master your gifts and experiences

  • Interpret trances, dreams, entities, déjà vu, and strange phenomena

  • Recognize four types of prophets operating in the Church, government, and marketplace

  • Discern the signs of the times

Mature prophecy in its pure operation stands unrivaled in power and accuracy against all counterfeit voices. The Church and the world desperately need and deserve this better class of prophetic experience. Jesus desires to work through you and equip you to prophetically navigate these last days!