Red Church Rising

Red Church Rising

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The RED CHURCH RISING is an unconventional church not based on walls or locations.  The RED CHURCH is everywhere! 

The RED CHURCH IS YOU!! It is your time to rise up in your calling, for your family and your generation, with many others who are standing up in this nation sweeping movement! 

The Lord spoke to Joseph Z in a vision about the three primary colors which represents the five fold ministry in Ephesians Chapter 4.  The color RED represents Apostles and Prophets that are leading the way in the Church, the Government, and the Marketplace.  The RED leaders are mobilizing the body of Christ in every sector of the world. YOU are called to make a change in society and take up your part in this RISE OF THE RED CHURCH.

In this series you will learn about Burnt Stones, Cinderella's and the Young Lions that are coming. The Red church is a church called to mobilize the heart of God and reach the world. There is so much in this series that will help you understand YOUR PART in what is happening in the EPOCH or (season of time) that these next several decades will produce.  YOU are called for such a time as this and YOU are called to be part of the RED CHURCH RISING!