Upgrading Your Dominion

Upgrading Your Dominion

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God, in the beginning, created man to have dominion and rule the earth. Sadly, Adam lost his way and gave up that God-given authority. God wants us to walk in dominion and power for all of our days here on earth.

In this series, you begin to understand that you can go farther, faster and higher in a short time. It is up to us to renew our minds, because that’s where it all happens. The enemy would have you entrapped by the fear of man in various spheres, but Jesus wants you liberated and living in authority, for He has paid it all.

Many of us do not understand the dominion we have in God, as joint heirs with Christ. You possess every good thing you can ever need to succeed inside of you, but you need an understanding of God’s word to induce that which you already possess, so it can manifest.

This message will help you break out of your self-made entrapments and rule in dominion, as the priest you are.